Unbox your art space

Gallery Ghost virtual art spaces are designed for arts industry professionals who want to engage new audiences beyond the confines of a physical gallery.

We combine fully immersive VR with beautiful gallery environments tailor-made for your exhibition. Simple to set up and use, Gallery Ghost is ideal for showcasing large portfolios of work at art fairs, pop-up events and any place where physical space is limited.


Fully customisable

Gallery Ghost VR art spaces are designed fully bespoke. Your virtual gallery can be large or small, classical or modern, multi-roomed or open plan, a sales tool or educational – it’s up to you.

Interactive features

A wide variety of interactive and multi-media features can be added according to the needs of the exhibitor. We integrate features seamlessly into the gallery design so the art always comes first.

High-fidelity production

We take great care to ensure individual artworks are represented as accurately as possible, paying special attention to fine details including colour, texture, tone and lighting.

Remote guiding

Exhibitors can guide clients around their gallery from a separate location using Gallery Ghost’s optional live-view video function.

Full Client support

Gallery Ghost offers a full range of client services to support you through technical development, set-up and operation of your VR exhibition.


Gallery Ghost is the brainchild of Ixxy, a web agency based in the vibrant arts and tech hub of Brighton, England.

At Ixxy we combine our interest in emerging technologies with a genuine passion for the creative arts. We believe VR can transform the way people view and share art, but that it should be done without losing sight of the reasons why we visit art galleries in the first place.

We noticed that VR applications in the arts sector often suffer from poor design, tending to rely on novelty value instead of focusing on the art itself. We developed Gallery Ghost to remedy this, and to maximise VR’s potential to bring more art to more audiences in a way that is practical, engaging and authentic.



The Gallery Ghost team can provide bespoke applications, services and consultancy for VR projects in the arts and culture sector and beyond. We love technical and creative collaborations and we’re always looking for new projects to inspire us, so whether you have a specific project in mind or would just like to brainstorm ideas, get in touch.

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